Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Show.

The day we finally exhibited our work was a roller coaster. We started our day early. Very early. Everyone had finishing touches to put on their projects. We had sculptures, flash animations, movies, paintings, graphics, and photography. It was a great show and really interesting to see how the digital animation students from SUAD worked with the Oregon students who varied in medians.

The space we installed our work in was so awesome. They build the structure a little over a year ago, and it used as a museum and gallery for the school. Along with our show was a few folk art exhibits. (on different floors)

We went to President Pan's office for a private speech and photo-shoot (pictures to come), then walked back to the exhibition hall where speeches were given and the ribbon was cut.

The theme for all my works was 'One World. One Dream' which was the Beijing Olympic phrase. And my inspiration came from a combination of the fact that those words were plastered everywhere, the fact that Beijing (and all major cities in China which I have know come to learn) is super crowded, and from some propaganda posters I saw while visiting the 798 art district.

My wall. ( I plan to upload the actual graphics sometime soon)

President Pan checkin it out. He told Professor Tan he thought it was 'extraordinary'

The masses.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Confucious Temple & Mountain Tai

We went to check out Confucious' Temple, and the famous mount Tai. Mount Tai is one of the "Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism". It is associated with sunrise, birth, and renewal, and is often regarded the foremost of the five. The temples on its slopes have been a destination for pilgrims for 3,000 years. People make the journey up the mountain to pray and make sacrifices, They also get locks engraved with their names, then lock them to an alter at the top of the mountain.

The Wall

The great wall of China is ridiculous. You can't really grasp the size of it until you have walked a day on it. There were times when The stairs were so steep you literally crawled up using just as much upper body as legs. It was an awesome experience.

We took a zip line off the mountain, but I dont think there is a picture of me, so here is the idea..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of heaven day was yet another early wake up call , which now I am use to. We got traditional breakfast street food -egg pancakes (jidanbing) and oily bread (youtiao), before we took the subway. The subway let us off a a few miles from the temple so we had a nice walk, which was becoming a regular theme on the early end of the trip. The temple was pretty sweet, it was were Emporeres would go to meditate and make sacrifices... because they were the peoples link to god.

Some tai chi ball in the park perhaps


Today (actually about a week ago this was the 3rd day.. i am on my 10th, just behind on the blog. ) we walked to Jin San Park. In the center of the park is a man made mountain, which was made from the dirt the was unearthed from the creation of the moat that surrounds the forbidden city. The hill has a beautiful 360 view of Beijing, also at the top of the hill is a giant Buddha. Next we walked through a tunnel underneath the street that separates Sin Jin Park and the Forbidden City. The hill was made to the north of the forbidden city and it faces south, these were both done to achieve maximum fengshui because Mongolia lays north of China. The forbidden city was the home of the emporeres of the Ming Dynasty and is so big it blew my mind.

view of the Forbidden City from the man made mountain

looking up at the man made mountain

The city was courtyard after courtyard like this, and huge old buildings.

Me and Mao

Once we made it through the forbidden city we all met in Tianamin square at chinas flag pole. We started taking group pictures and it quickly got out of hand. A group of about 40 Chinese started taking pictures of us while we were filming a small piece in from the the flag pole/forbidden city/mural of emporer mao. But not to worry, the police broke the group up, not before they took their own pictures with their own camera phones obviously.

A few of us decided to visit Beijing famed counterfeit mall, while the rest of the group went back to the hostel to get ready for the night. The mall was a subway ride and a walk away. The subway’s in china live up to the hype that surrounds them. They are crowded as ... it was crowded, and its everyman for himself. (although I rode the subway again a few days later and had a more mild experience). The counter fit mall is 7 stories tall and at first completely amazing, heaven on earth one might say. The basement floor is shoes, wallets which is where is was trapped for most of the time. I got conned into buying a pair of shoes that I was told was size 13, probably a size 11. I also bought a fake rolex, which is piiimp.

Taxi home.

We took the bus 22 bus back down towards tianamin square where we had reservations at a tea house. We had time to kill so we killed a few brews. The tea house was an unforgettable experience we were brought tea (obviously) with traditional snack, the only one of which I could identify was roasted watermelon seeds. There were also small pastries. There were performances including: Musical performances, than a kung foo tea pouring power ranger act with tea pots with probably 2 foot spouts attached, a man who balanced huge flower pots on his face, a for real kung foo act, 2 men who made sound effects.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

798 and Gold Medals

Today was a long long day. I woke feeling surprisingly well, considering our beds are sheets of wood with a 1 inch comforter and and blanket. I think I woke up around 5am which I think would be 8pm on the west coast. I hit up the shower, which is nice - which is also refreshing because the toilet and showering works way different than in the west.

I decided to try to go and get some 'traditional' breakfast street food before we all had to meet up and start one of the coolest and long days I have ever had. About a mile west of the hostel I found what i was looking for.... 10 dumplings and 'oil bread' called youtaio

All 16 of us pilled into 2 vans and went on our way to Caochangdi Arts, which is a large property filled with artists studios and galleries.

That last piece was done by the man who owned all the properties. (apple is obviously my addition)

Next stop was the famous 798 district. Once upon a time the 798 was basically a bunch of factories, which over time evolved into art galleries, and now museums. It has become a safe haven for artists in a country were freedom of speech is not a given right, but here artists feel as free as they can to express themselves. This place is huuuge.

Oh yeah.. and 789 had a nike museum... so sick...

and duh, kobe is on the ceiling of floor one..

Is that an Oregon shirt? Oh yeah.. we invented Nike...


We also had the rare honor of: Meeting Xiaoyong, getting a tour of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) by Xioyong, and go to the studio where him and his team do there work. Oh and Xioyong is an insane product designer who entered his designs into the open competition for the Olympic Medal design. It was a national competition. 3 of his designs were top 10, 2 of the top 3, and he ultimately won... also on his campus is an INSANE museum. Right now the exhibit is olympic inspired.. no photos where allowed =(

Than we are like kings...

like I said... long day.